Writing Successful Grant Proposals


I was recently asked to talk about writing successful proposals for Social Enterprise East Lothian.  I’ve been asked to share it so many times, I thought I’d post it on my website!

So, here are a few simple ideas to help improve your trust fundraising.

Oh, and it also includes the fabulous Rainforest Alliance award winning fundraising video which I reckon beautifully demonstrates how to focus on a powerful idea with a simple message:

You can make a difference by following the frog!

(And it’s funny too – fundraising AND humour – gotta love that!)

Now we’re not all global charities but you will have a message that is powerful – that shows how effective you are at helping your beneficiaries (just remember to focus on the difference you make to them and not how wonderful your charity is!).  And don’t forget to show the donor the difference that they can make…

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