What’s the Future for Arts Funding?

As you know, as well as fundraising for a range of different causes, I have done a great deal of work (and continue to do so) with arts organisations.  Now is a particularly worrying time with government cuts ranging from 4% here in Scotland to a staggering 30% in England. 

I recently wrote a guest post for Arts Professional and am interested to hear how others, particularly those working in the arts, think their fundraising will be affected by the cuts.  I’m also keen to know how (or if) organisations intend to adapt their fundraising efforts in the future taking into account the increased pressure to diversify income.

Please let me know what you think by commenting on the Arts Professional blog – I’m interested to see what the main concerns are and will be blogging in the future – both here and on Arts Professional – about possible ways to improve fundraising efforts and increase income.

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