What’s the Best Free Fundraising Advice on the Web?

If you’ve found me here at Activate Fundraising, chances are you’re looking for some fundraising advice and ideas – so here I’ve put together a wee blog roll of my favourite fundraising ideas sources on the web.  All are free and all offer a slightly different perspective on fundraising – be it donors, board engagement, social media.  So grab a cuppa, sit down and get some inspiration to make your fundraising sparkle!

SOFII – I have to start with SOFII (which I’ve featured before) as a great place to get ideas that really make your fundraising rock.  Featuring detailed case studies, a blog written by professional fundraisers and even a thank you letter clinic, this is an excellent resource for any charity looking for inspiration.  Different types of fundraising are presented in different ‘Showcases’: from Campaigns to Major Donors and everything in between.  It’s a unique resource and one I refer to time and time again.

Future Fundraising Now – written by Jeff Brooks, FFN is a resource for professional fundraisers, which looks – not at fundraising from the perspective of the fundraiser but from the perspective of the donor.  Jeff curates content from other sources on the web and posts it here regularly.  It’s definitely a blog worth subscribing to – or adding to your reading list on Google Reader.

Fundraising Coach – written by Marc Pitman, this is more than a blog – although  he does post excellent content on a range of aspects of fundraising: from making the most of your time (in fact he finds an extra month in the year – honest!) to using Google+ successfully.  Marc has a huge amount of experience and delivers training seminars around the world.  His website features information for everyone from the starter fundraising to the more experienced – and he has a range of products available too (some of which you can buy here via my affiliate code).  Even if you’re in the market for freebies rather than products, his website is well worth a visit.

101 Fundraising – is the first ever crowdblog focused entirely on fundraising.  Written by fundraising professionals from around the world, this really is the place to start if you want to put a different perspective onto your fundraising.  With posts ranging from Optimizing your Facebook presence to 7 Things that Will Make You a Better Fundraiser, there’s content here to interest everyone.  It’s an innovative idea that is packed with innovative ideas and one I’d recommend you take a look at.

Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog – if marketing is more of your thing, take a look at Katya Andresen’s blog.  Based in the US but with lessons for everyone no matter where you are, Katya offers fresh insight into marketing your non-profit.  There are often ideas that are easy to implement and, of course, joined up thinking in terms of marketing and fundraising working together.

And finally (because I could literally go on listing blogs all day long) Craig Linton blogs as the Fundraising Detective on a range of topics relating to fundraising.  With lots of information about what works and what doesn’t, it’s a good place to garner some ideas.  He also features a regular blog roll (featuring Craig’s favourite recent blog posts from around the world) and has information about different online fundraising information and ideas.

So that’s my very quick round up as to where I think you should start to look for fundraising ideas online – without becoming too overwhelmed by all the information out there.  And of course, I’d add Activate Fundraising to the list but, as you’re already here, perhaps I don’t need to 🙂

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