Want to Raise More Money?

OK, I’m a bit late here – mainly because the schools in our area didn’t go back until 11th which meant a spot of childcare was required – but I wondered what New Year resolutions you had set for 2011.

Personally, I want to run another 10K (as my training has gone a bit off track recently) and I’d like to spend more time with the children – over and above doing homework and taking them to and from school, that is.  On a business level, I’m working with a number of new clients already and am looking forward to developing these relationships over the next 12 months.  I’ve also been developing new services for clients and I’m looking forward to launching these in the next few weeks – watch this space!

But what about your organisation?  Have you thought about what your New Year resolutions are going to be in terms of fundraising?  Perhaps you want to raise more income or maybe diversify your income sources to help spread the risk across a number of different areas?

Now is an excellent time to look at how your organisation has been performing in terms of making approaches, signing up donors and, perhaps most importantly, looking after them.  Although I do recommend that organisations look at these areas regularly, there’s nothing like a new year (and a new decade in this case) to provide some focus.

Have a look at our tip sheets to help, starting with our Top 10 Fundraising Tips before checking out our research and project development recommendations to really help you get your fundraising on track.  And of course, if you’d like us to take a look at your fundraising, please get in touch for a more indepth chat about how you can raise more money in the future and put your organisation on a better footing in 2011.

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