Twitter Exclusive Giveaway

To say thank you to all of my Twitter followers who also sign up to receive my regular fundraising ideas bulletin, I’m offering an exclusive audio with tips on how to build your email list.

  • Do you need to promote your charity and build your audience?

  • Do you have regular events or campaigns that you’d like to have a captive audience to promote to?

  • Are you a small organisation in need of a cost effective, time-effective way of communicating with donors and potential donors?

  • Do you have a big event or fundraising campaign coming up that you’d like to promote as widely as possible – without spending a fortune?

  • Would you like to harness the power of social media WITHOUT spending all of your time online?

As an exclusive to all Twitter followers signing up to my email list, I am offering an audio with tips about building your email list.  In it I talk about:

  • Why you need a communication strategy

  • How you can encourage people to sign up

  • The practicalities of building your list

  • Automating – so you don’t need to spend all of your time sending out emails

So if you need to raise your profile, engage new audiences and spend less time building your supporters, please fill in your details in the form BELOW and receive my free audio, as well as your own Fundraising Toolkit which includes an activity planner to help you get organised; an eguide on planning, managing and writing successful grant proposals; and fundraising cheat sheets on the Top 10 Fundraising Tips, Social Media for Charities, Creative Prospect Research and lots more…