Top Fundraising Tips

So you’re new to fundraising or you want to refresh your fundraising programme?  Where do you start?  It will take an investment of your time to successfully establish or refocus your fundraising but there are a few areas that you should always consider when launching (or relaunching) your fundraising:

Decide what you want to achieve from your fundraising – how much do you want to raise and what for?  What’s the overall aim – diversifying your funding, growing your organisation or becoming more sustainable – or something else?

Put systems in place that will help you to establish your fundraising.  Get and use a database, decide who you will target for funding, put communication systems in place so you know what to do when a donation comes in and you have flagged when a follow up report needs to go out, establish how and when you will communicate with donors.

Network – use your current networks, encourage your board to introduce you to their networks – and spread the word about your organisation so you become known in your field.

Stay on message – your communication methods may be different according to different audiences but your overall core messages should be the same – otherwise, no-one will understand who you are or what you are aiming to do.

These are just a suggested starting point to get you thinking about shaping your fundraising programme and there are many others to consider to.  Have a look at our fundraising ideas for more information or get in touch if you’d like to have a more detailed discussion.

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