The Kitchen Table Entrepreneur

I’ve just realised that I am officially (and literally) a kitchen table entrepreneur – mainly because, after working for a few months in the home office, I began to slowly migrate to the kitchen one book at a time.  First of all, I’d use the kitchen table when I needed more space, using it to spread out books when I was writing or review reports, proposals and strategy documents I’d prepared by laying them out across the table, red pen at the ready. 

Before I knew it, my laptop, books, phone and stationery had all set up permanent residence at one end of the table.  My takeover was complete when I bought a shelving unit for the kitchen which has storage for all my work things. 

However, fed up with shuffling things away at the end of every working day, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and ordered a fold-away desk from IKEA that will fit into the kitchen-diner so my laptop can stay there for good. 

I’m still not sure that I will completely manage to wrestle myself away from the large, solid, kitchen table though.  We’ve become rather attached over the past two years.  It’s large enough to spread out all of my work things and has a view of the garden – which is perfect when I need space to think. 

Perhaps the new desk can wait a bit longer…

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