Snow Joke!

OK, it’s a terrible pun but will the recent cold snap have an adverse affect on charitable giving?  I’ve read in the press that it’s having an impact on businesses, as many are being forced to close while employees fail to make it into work or customers can’t make it to their premises but I wonder if it has a similar impact on charities?  Presumably charity shops will be impacted in the same way as other shops on the high street but what of other charitable donations?

Where I live the schools have closed for the week, refuse collections are cancelled and some people aren’t getting any post.  Being semi-rural can mean that we get more snow than the city but it also means that we have a good hearted local farmer who comes around with his tractor and snow plough to keep our streets clear – an example of charity beginning at home perhaps?  Events have been cancelled – from Christmas light switch ons to St. Andrews Day events and everything in between.  This must surely mean that events to raise money for charity have been cancelled too?  Presumably charities in this situation will hope to reschedule rather than postpone – but will the costs of having to postpone then reschedule be prohibitive resulting in less money raised by charity?

And what of the people stuck at home?  Are they surfing the net to shop for Christmas presents or are they spending their money on e-Christmas cards for charity and Santa letters?  Only time will tell.

Has your charity noticed any impact on donations coming in?  Have they gone up or down?

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