Good fundraising advice

Over the summer I’ve been more than a little bit quiet on this blog.  Mainly because I’ve been juggling childcare and managing clients rather than because I’ve been sunning myself on a long relaxing holiday I should add.

However, I have managed to read the occasional blog post from others and there are a few that I thought worth a mention.  The ever informative SOFII blog as been a mine of useful info (as usual) and I found Damian O’Broin’s post particularly interesting.  In it he provides a checklist of 12 key points to consider that will help to supercharge your fundraising appeals.  As we come out of the summer you might be considering your own fundraising appeals for the autumn (and of course, the pre-Christmas period – sorry, I shouldn’t mention the C word this early in the year, I know).  If you are about to launch a new appeal or write out to your donors, it’s well worth a read.

And of course, if you’re interested in finding a rich source of information without having to plough through various searches on the internet, you can visit Beth’s Blog, which has a great article on sourcing curated articles (i.e. someone else has done the research for you, which I have to say, appeals hugely particularly given my current lack of time resources!).  Beth has added a list of her favourite curated lists using Scoop.It with posts that non-profits might find useful – from crowdsourcing to storytelling; non-profits to using Facebook.  Definitely a good read if you’ve a spare 15 minutes and a cup of tea.

Back to SOFII and there’s another great piece about dabbling in fundraising  by Christiana Stergiou- and why dabbling just doesn’t work.  I’m often asked by people to fundraise for them in some of the circumstances outlined in this post and I always stress the need for a fundraising plan; the need to recognise that fundraising is a long-term, relationship building activity and not about quick wins; and the need to see fundraising as part of the overall fundraising mix and not just a panic, knee jerk reaction to filling an income void.  For these reasons I this post is well worth a read – if nothing else as it gives some good advice on what to do and what not when considering fundraising.

These are just a few of the good posts that I’ve managed to pick up over the summer – in between short bursts of working and refereeing the sibling squabbles in the house.  Let me know what you think of these and if there are any other posts that you think would be of interest to non-profits.

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