Fundraising and the Recession

There’s no denying that the economic climate has made fundraising difficult – and this appears to have been due to a number of factors.  Some organisations have found their earned income has declined dramatically and are trying to fill the gap with fundraising; others have found that, as more organisations start to fundraise, competition for funds has increased; and of course, many of the donors and sponsors have either reduced or stopped providing funding. 

I’m interested to find out how the recession has impacted on organisations – so please complete our short fundraising survey.  Not only will this help us to determine what information organisations need to help their fundraising but everyone who takes part will receive a summary report on the results, helping them to adapt their fundraising ideas and needs according to the current market.  And there’s also a chance to win a free fundraising audit for your organisation – it’s a win win situation!  Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey.

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