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Get fortnightly Fundraising Fridays & boost your fundraising results!

Get fortnightly Fundraising Fridays & boost your fundraising results!

Do you need to raise more money from gifts or sponsorship?

If you work in a small non-profit, chances are you are the only person dealing with fundraising – or it might only be one aspect of your job.  If you’ve no-one to bounce ideas off – or even if you’re just looking for some new ideas to regenerate your fundraising, you need Fundraising Fridays!

  • Get the tools you need to help make your fundraising more successful now and in the future
  • Get fortnightly ideas to help you to reinvigorate your fundraising – and raise more money
  • Learn how to plan and manage your fundraising in the longer term
  • Get tips on how to build a sustainable approach to fundraising
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So go on, pop your name and email address in the box and start having Fundraising Fridays (you’ll also get the first installment of your Fundraising Toolkit!)