Finding Donors eGuide for non-profits

Do you struggle to find new donors, not knowing how or where to look?

Are you in a small charity – maybe even a one-person ‘shop’?

Do you need to uncover new potential donors but don’t know where to start?


Finding Donors, will help you to raise more money by showing you how and where to start looking. 

You’ll learn how to uncover potential donors without research taking up all of your precious time, resources and energy. 

And ultimately, you will be on track to find more new donors now and in the future.

Finding Donors is for you if you work in a small charity with no prospect researcher and very little time for research. Even if you’re a 1-person shop, this eguide will help you to develop systems that will make the best of the resources that you have.


Finding Donors will give advice on:

  • How to use what you already have
  • Why you don’t need to spend a fortune on resources – but where you will need to make some investment
  • How to set up a research programme that you can manage now and in the future




David Wallace

Useful guide that’s easy to read and understand. Handy reference tool for non-profit Board members.



David Wallace, Strategic Marketing Consultant and Non-Profit Board Member



So, if you need help finding potential donors and don’t know where to start; if you have limited time, money and staff – Finding Donors will help by giving you:

  • Easy to implement ideas
  • Tips & tricks for managing research (when there’s no researcher on your team)
  • Suggestions about where to look for donors
  • Advice on what you need to invest in – and what you don’t
  • Different types of potential funding sources – and how to find them
  • How to decide if a donor is right for you before you spend all of your time making an approach with little chance of success



There are also Practical Exercises that will help you to launch a research programme as you work through the guide.  These will help you to:


  • Review Your Fundraising
  • Develop Projects that Donors will Love to Fund
  • Figure Out Where Your Funding Will Come From
  • Use the Best Possible Research Tools for your Charity


Heather has set Rowan Alba on track with a straightforward, easy to understand fund raising strategy that she developed by taking the time to get to know us. I was impressed by “going the extra mile” for us, and her in depth understanding of how smaller charities (like us) don’t have unlimited resources to fund raise. 

Helen Carlin, Chief Executive, Rowan Alba

Who Won’t Need This Guide

If you have no time or resources for research – and don’t intend to find any, this guide isn’t for you. You will need to invest both time and resources if you want a research programme that will help you to raise money for your charity now and in the future BUT Finding Donors will show you how to get the most out of limited resources.


You don’t have to try to emulate the ‘big boys’ you simply have to:

  • use what you have more creatively;
  • figure out what you need funding for and who is most likely to support you
  • and know where to look for funding.

Finding Donors will help you to do this.


Me!I started out working in small charities where fundraising wasn’t my job but a skill I had to develop – and fast!  Finding potential funding took up huge amounts of time as I struggled to figure out where to look, juggled research (which seemed to take forever) with actual fundraising, and tied myself in knots figuring out how to prioritise potential donors.

‘Finding Donors’ is packed full of advice about the tools you need to set up and manage sustainable prospect research that will help you to raise more money.


Finding DonorsFor only £4.95/US$7.97 you will get:


  • eguide packed with tips, tricks and ideas to rock your research
  • practical exercises to help you review your projects, fundraising, plan your resources, figure out what you need and develop your research programme as you work through the guide


But that’s not all, you’ll also get access to:

  • Exclusive downloads with advice on developing your database; creating and pitching projects for the fundraising market, helping you to figure out where potential funding might come from; and write more successful grant funding bids
  • Podcast and weblinks to content on building your email list, presenting your charity to sponsors and more…


Still not sure if Finding Donors is for you?

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s included in the eguide along with the opening chapter.



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