Finding Donors: Easy Steps to Non Profit Fundraising Success

find new donorsProspect research is a vital component of any successful non profit fundraising programme.  If you’re not feeding the machine (which is in this case, fundraising) you’re not providing fuel to sustain the organisation.

Or in other words, if you’re not constantly adding new prospects into your research cycle, you’re not coming up with new opportunities for your non profit to raise more money from philanthropic sources and sponsorship.


But prospect research takes time – something that small non profits are often lacking in – which is why I’ve written Finding Donors, an eguide that gives practical steps to non profit fundraising success by helping you to determine what to focus on; how to organise your research (so you’re not completely overwhelmed) and what the secrets to prospect research are.

To celebrate the guide coming out on Kindle, I’ve created my Finding Donors video series with a few free tips from the guide that you can put in place and watch your fundraising become more successful!


First up, Get Organised – a few tips to help you manage your research time more effectively to improve your non profit fundraising success


The CAR Test: 3 attributes every potential donor should have (if they don’t have all three, the chances of them giving are small)


How your board can help with research (and why their only role shouldn’t be asking for money)


The 5 essential aspects of every successful non profit fundraising research programme


I hope you find the advice in the videos helpful in improving your non profit’s fundraising success. And of course, you’ll find out far more about the practical aspects of prospecting; how to develop your donor profiles and the 101 of prospect research in Finding Donors so pop on over and take a look!

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