Enjoy the Silence? Working from Home Alone

Image by Roland Tanglao, used under Creative Commons License http://www.flickr.com/photos/roland/304472910/

Working for yourself is lonely – or so people kept telling me when I told them I was setting up on my own.  However, one thing I can safely say is that since starting Activate Fundraising, I’ve been anything but lonely!  I’ve met clients from the arts, education and heritage; worked with board members and non-executives to deliver training and focus groups; ran sessions and held market research interviews with businesses in Edinburgh and Glasgow; had one to one interviews with community groups and schools and met fellow entrepreneurs and consultants at business networking groups, training and events – as well as having the opportunity to meet some of the people working in the businesses in my home town (something that I never had time to do when I was commuting to my job in the city).  In fact, despite having previously worked in an organisation with over 1400 employees, I reckon I’ve met more people in the last two years than I did in all my time in my last job!  Lonely?  I think not!

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