Donor Motivation

As someone who advocates looking after donors, saying thank you and cultivating those who support you, no matter how small the donation, the legacy of several million pounds left to the National Trust of Scotland by an American donor who didn’t know the charity and had never even visited Scotland, isn’t something I should be highlighting.  But you can’t deny, it’s a fascinating story (particularly in the Las Vegas news article I came across which gives a slightly different perspective to the Scottish press).

I’ve really just linked to this as I find it an interesting story – but should caution that these situations arise very rarely and, while not impossible, as it’s not really something you can legislate for, you can’t base your fundraising plan around it and so should just enjoy it if and when it happens.

I also had a vague feeling on reading the article that he was perhaps the anonymous US donor at one of the organisations I used to work for (I won’t say who in case he isn’t).  I wonder if those other organisations who were lucky enough to benefit in donations from him are wishing it was they and not the National Trust for Scotland who received the final mega-gift?

Please enjoy the article and read this, somewhat sad tale of a man who chose to do great things with his money and helped many organisations – but while reading still think about ways to win new donors, look after them well, keep them and perhaps motivate them to give you more.

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