Christmas Countdown Giveaway: 22nd December

Like me, you probably only have another couple of days in the office, so make them a productive couple by using them to think about how you’re going to come into the office in January and kick start your fundraising with a few new ideas – or maybe just visit some old ones from a different perspective:

Tip 7. Stay ‘on message’.  Fundraising is another way of communicating to your audience and, while the methods of delivery may be different, they should still reflect your core messages.  If you’re fundraising for a programme that doesn’t fit with your overall vision, you need to ask yourself why.  If you don’t, potential donors will.

8. Fundraise within resources.  Regardless of how many fundraisers you have (or don’t have) you need to be realistic about what you can deliver.  How much time can you allocate to fundraising?  What tasks need to be delivered e.g. research, applications, meetings, planning?  Who will deliver these tasks?  Often fundraising focuses solely on target but if it’s unrealistic within current resources, you need to either reduce the target or devote more resources to fundraising.

Check in with us tomorrow for the final two in our top 10 Fundraising tips series.

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