Starting Out

So why give up a secure, highly paid job to go it alone?  Well, one of the main reasons for starting Activate Fundraising was to have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients whose work I support and have an affinity with.  I knew it would be hard work – and it has been – but it has also been hugely rewarding working with clients both large and small on a range of campaigns and for projects as diverse as enhanced employability for young people to the restoration of key artworks by a leading Scottish artist.  As well as hands-on fundraising, I’ve also run focus groups and developed feasibility studies, helping clients to establish what they need; why they need it and how they can attract donors to support it.  There’s something incredibly motivational about starting work every day knowing that you’ll be speaking with different people, learning about new projects and helping organisations to raise the funds they need to realise their vision.  So while it might have been a bit scary, working for myself has been the best decision I’ve made.

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