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To say thank you – and to help you to start making a difference to your fundraising now – I’ve put together some fantastic resources for small non-profits with big fundraising ambitions!  Whether you’re starting out, about to launch a new campaign or just looking for ideas to refresh your fundraising, scroll down the page and get your free goodies!

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First of all, the starting point, mid point and end point for any successful fundraising programme is research.  So here’s my ‘It’s Not What You Know’ guide to finding potential donors for your charity

It’s Not What You Know…

Next up, here are some General Tips when it comes to making sure your trust fundraising programme ticks all the right boxes

General Trust Tips

Tips to make YOUR fundraising proposals stand out from the crowd (and it’s a very crowded marketplace out there!)

4 Actions to Make Your Trust Proposals Stand Out from the Crowd 

You may have a need to raise money from philanthropic sources and sponsorship – but not all projects have the potential to achieve income from these sources.  My project development guidelines help you to determine which of your project priorities should form the basis of your fundraising ‘portfolio’.

Project Development Guidelines


There’s also a little audio on getting your board involved with your fundraising.  This is especially important for small non-profits, as the more people who are actively involved in your fundraising, the better it will be for your results (provided they are targeted).



And lastly, a little Prezi from me to you – it was developed for a local presentation so there are some Scottish references – but the general rules apply!


I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Joe Garecht of The Fundraising Authority all about successful fundraising for small non-profits.  So if you need some tips on how small charities can cultivate donors and corporate sponsors by making the most of their limited resources, have a listen to the Fundraising Authority podcast!