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Does Your Non-Profit Need More Money?

how to find donors, non-profit fundraisingFinding more donors is one way to help your non-profit to grow. But not just any donors. You need to find the RIGHT donors for your non-profit. 

Simply starting with a list of rich people isn’t a good use of your time.

Finding potential donors who believe in what you do and want to support you will greatly improve your chances of success.

This guide includes:

  • Easy to implement ideas – whether you’re working in a large or small non-profit
  • How to decide if a donor is right for you before you spend any time making an approach
  • Creative suggestions about where to look for donors that goes beyond Google
  • Different types of potential funding sources – and how to find each of them
  • Tips & tricks for managing research (even when there’s no researcher on your team)
  • Practical Exercises that you can implement as you work through the guide
  • How to develop projects that donors will want to fund
  • Low-cost and free Research Tools

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David WallaceA useful guide that’s easy to read and understand. Handy reference tool for small non-profit staff, and Board members.

David Wallace,  Non-Profit Board Member


When I started out as a fundraiser in a small non-profit, I struggled to figure out where I should focus my efforts to find potential donors. This guide gives you the tools that you need to find new donors – without making any of the mistakes or wasting any of the time that I did.

For only $12 (£7.80), you get all of the above, plus:

  • Exclusive downloads that will help you to:
    • develop a database;
    • fine tune your projects to make them more appealing to potential donors
    • figure out where to focus your research
    • write more successful grant funding bids
  • Podcast and links to content on:
    • building your email list,
    • presenting your non-profit to sponsors
    • and more…

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Still not sure if The Ultimate Guide to Finding Donors is for you?

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s included in the eguide along with the opening chapter.


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