Fundraising – where do I start?

For many organisations, fundraising is an area that they’ve either never exploited or only dabbled in but, particularly with the current squeeze on resources due to the recession, senior managers and trustees are starting to recognise the need to increase their funding from different areas.  However, a mistake that’s often made is simply to look at the shortfall in your income and assume that it can be filled by fundraising.  Sometimes it can but often, you need to think more creatively about your approach. 

Operational or core costs are difficult to raise through fundraising and sponsorship (although not impossible) so how can you incorporate them into an interesting, value adding project?  Or can you divert some project funds into core and raise funds for some of your activity instead?  You may suddenly need to find a £10,000 shortfall but you can’t assume that you can automatically change one type of funding for another. 

  • Look at all your programmes. 
  • Is there something in there that may appeal more to a donor? 
  • Is there an aspect of work that is entrepreneurial, will increase capacity for your organisation or help you to reach more people or meet a problem in a different way?

Perhaps it’s these areas that you should try to find funding for.  

What have you found to be effective when planning your fundraising?

One Response to “Fundraising – where do I start?

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