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As someone new to the world of blogging, tweeting and social media in general, I recently took part in a blog carnival.  The idea is (I think) that one person hosts the carnival on their blog while others submit links to posts on their blogs that are relevant to the overall subject.  I took part in the Business Mums Blog Carnival on 15th November and, despite not really knowing what was going on, I really enjoyed it. 

It was a good opportunity for me to think about what a different audience might be interested in reading about and it was fascinating to read about the experiences of those taking part – from going freelance in the first place, why they work for themselves, what they enjoy, and how there isn’t any time to shave your legs!

I’d definitely take part again and would recommend others new to the world of blogging to roll up their sleeves and get writing.  You never know who might read your article and, more importantly, what you might find out from reading new posts that you don’t already follow.  I’ve signed up to host the carnival taking place next May (which I know from experience seems like a long way in the future but will be here before we know it!).

So, why not put the kettle on when you get a spare five minutes and read through this month’s Business Mums Blog Carnival.  Or, put blog carnival into the search engine and see if there are any that you could take part in that might be relevant to your business.

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